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    HEAR THE CUBAN DRUMS! Havana’s sixtieth edition of the Fiesta del Tambor Guillermo Barreto ended this past March 12th, 2017. It was held in the Salon Rosado de la Tropical Benny More, and although I have been there on hundreds of occasions, I had never seen so many people there. I was accompanied by my […]

  • Beach


    Not all dives end on a happy note. This past Tuesday we took advantage of the good weather and calm seas around Havana, and headed out for a day of spearfishing. Our freezers were empty, our pockets empty, and we headed out with a warrior’s spirit. We headed out of Havana at 5:30am, and reached […]

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    There is something special about Havana, and I’m not just saying that because I am a “Habanera.” I have never travelled outside of the island to visit foreign lands, but those that have feel the same way about Havana. The furthest that I have travelled from what some in Cuba’s capital call “that majestic lady […]

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    When I was asked to write anecdotes about life in Havana, many ideas crossed my mind. The city’s history, its beauty, its architecture, its people, its customs, its art. But really, what could I write about that would be thought-provoking, and hasn’t been written before? I have therefore decided to write about my experiences as […]

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    So you’ve finally decided to travel to Cuba, and want to drive yourself! Good luck! Renting a car is Cuba is not like in most other places. Just because you rented it three months in advance, paid for it, and confirmed it before your flight, doesn’t mean you will have a car. Rental car employees […]

  • Cuba´s 5th Avenue


    Havana, Cuba´s 5th Avenue

    Havana´s majestic Fifth Avenue connects two of the Cuban capitol´s most traversed residential neighborhoods, Miramar and el Vedado. It´s eastern end begins at the tunnel by the same name, and it ends at Santa Fe, Havana´s westernmost suburb. It takes about twenty minutes to drive it from end to end, and it is probably the […]

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    LUXURY CUBA TRAVEL Cuba has become a popular destination for experienced travelers who have been to all the countries on their Caribbean bucket list, but didn’t want to go through the hassle that Cuba presented. With the changes in U.S. law regarding travel to the island, it has become much easier to get to our […]