Welcome to Trinidad

With the feeling of being frozen in time, the Cuban city of Trinidad always welcomes visitors with open arms. In Trinidad you will discover Cuba’s best preserved colonial era quarter, founded in 1514, it has museums, plazas, churches, and brick paved streets, all in a city that is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Known as the Museum City, it is one of the Spanish colonial eras best conserved towns in all of Latin America.

Trinidad is distinguished by its brick paved streets, wooden verandas, colonial homes, horse drawn carriages, and its simple and friendly people. Some of the best beaches on the southern coast of Cuba are located near Trinidad, both Ancon and Maria Aguilar beach are worth a visit, and follow a day at the beach up with a visit to the Topes de Collantes in the Escambray Mountain range.

Trinidad Welcomes You!

Treasures of the City

Trinidad’s historic colonial area and its museums include; the Plaza Mayor where you will see a statue dedicated to Terpiscore, the muse of dance and music, the Church of the Holy Trinity, faithful guardian of the islands storied religious life and artifacts like the Christ of the Vera Cruz which sits next to a marble alter that is dedicated to the Virgin of the ????, the only one of its kind in all of Cuba, the Plaza de Santa Cruz, Plaza de las Tres Cruces, and the San Francisco bell tower. At the Palacio del Conde Brunet, currently housing the Museo Romantico, is an exhibition of priceless antique crystal and porcelain pieces, many with gold inlays. Also in Trinidad is the Palacio de Cantero and its overlook, the Valley of the Sugar Mills outside of the city where you will be able to climb the Torre de Manaca Iznaga, a one hundred and thirty-five foot tall watchtower used to oversee the vast sugar plantings.


Approximately 5 miles from Trinidad are the soft sand beaches of Playa Arcon, with its warm and tranquil waters adjacent to the Caribbean Sea, it lends itself to all kinds of nautical sports, especially diving. There are over thirty spots that are excellent for coastal dives, and with diving facilities located in the Marina Marlin Ancon and Cayo Blanco.


Trinidad Nature Tour; this is a wonderful adventure that combines a historic tour of colonial Trinidad and a tour of the biologically diverse flora and fauna of the Alturas de Banao Ecological Preserve.

Cayo Blanco Seafari

Enjoy a sunny day by swimming in the water of Cayo Blanco where you will be able to see native marine life, and will have the opportunity to snorkel at the coral reef that surrounds the Key, or a sunken boat that is nearby.

Jobo Rosado Trail Walk

This trail walk gives you the opportunity to witness first-hand the life of Cuba’s farmers, including the cultivation of fruit trees, raising of domesticated animals, work animals, roosters, as well as learn about the combat that took place in these very mountains during the 1950s and 1960s.

Caguanes National Park

Enjoy a guided tour of the three caves in Cayo Caguanes inside Caguanes National Park, Cueva Humboldt, Cueva de los Chivos, and Cueva Ramos, all unique and different from the others. The walk continues along the semi-deciduous forest which includes mangrove, swamp, and caves. At the end of the walk you will see locals swimming in the beautiful waters of Playa Caguanes.

Banao Trail Walk

This 3 mile shaded walk through the tropical forest skirts along the Banao River and its inviting waters. You will see theruins of colonial era homes and the amazing variety of trees and plant life, all representative of Cuba’s beautiful ecosystem.

Topes de Collantes

Located at an average of 2,400 feet above sea level, the protected Sierra del Escambray Mountain range is located nine miles from Trinidad, and offers visitors stunning views of the area, and the opportunity to walk amongst this amazing nature preserve. You will have a chance to visit caves, waterfalls, natural springs, and the best of Cuba’s habitat in its most natural state.


Places of Interest

  • Ancon beach
  • Cave of the Indian
  • Chinatown
  • Christopher Columbus Cemetery
  • Metropolitan Park
  • National Aquarium
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza of the Revolution
  • Prehistoric Mural
  • San Jose Art Fair
  • Sugarmills Valley
  • Topes de Collantes
  • University of Havana campus
  • Viñales valley

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